Group Reports (1 per lab team)
Prepare your report. The report will be in two parts. Hand written calculations will be due on the date of the egg drop. They should show all work and include:

1. The balanced chemical reaction.

2. Your calculation of airbag volume.

3. Your calculation of the number of moles of acetic acid available in 25 mL vinegar.

4. Your calculation of the amount of reactants needed to fill the airbag efficiently.

So that you can easily incorporate photographs, you will present the additional information electronically. This does NOT need to look like a formal lab report. You can add information into the template provided. (Remove italicized comments and underlining.) Pictures taken during the lab may also be incorporated into the template.

The template for your electronic report will be found at:

Use the template and save your new document with the following name: block(insert block)_(partnernames)_dumptyproject If you have difficulty with the copy and paste option here, go to the webpage below, and log in. You should find the template on your googledocs account already.

Follow the link, and complete the "blanks" using your data sheet. Send the report to me using Googledocs. Be sure to SHARE the file with your partner so that both of you can make changes, and to share with me using my email address: One aspect of this project is to acquaint you with googledocs. Besides the report itself, I will also be checking that each of you have contributed to the report, and that you have shared the report with all partners.

For more information:
GoogleDocs allows for collaborative documents, spreadsheets, presentations and forms for group projects. Every CV student has a googledocs account. Go to the webpage , and log in.
log in: firstname_lastname Password: 7 digit student ID.